the ions

Meet the ions

Steve Shonder, guitar, lead vocals


Steve has studied the guitar since grade school, formed a power trio, “Liquid Courage,”in high school and later studied classical guitar performanceat the university level.  Steve’s varied influences include Bach, Shubert, the Beatles, the Kinks, Jimmy Webb, and Radiohead.

Steve can play Alice Cooper’s “Killer” in its entirety.Before joining the band, Steve sang in local church choirs and festivals.

Mike Czmil, guitar


Mike grew up in Chicago where the heart-wrenching sounds of the blues and driving beats of rock and roll drew him at an early age to the guitar. In his youthful travels to the deep south, he honed his guitar playing skills.  

Mike enjoys everything from heavy metal improvisions to classic hit-factory standards. Mike's influences include, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, and Dickey Betts and he enjoys playing in his church choir.

Kevin Belsey, drums, vocals


Kevin’s devastating beats provide a ruthless pulse that compels movement on the dance floor.  Kevin is influenced by the British Invasion bashers Keith Moon, John Bonham, and Mitch Mitchell. Ritchie Hayward of Little Feat was an early influence.

Mary Vondriska, keyboards, vocals


Mary is a classically trained pianist who enjoys playing everything from Mozart to ragtime to Coldplay.  She brings a level of virtuosity to the ions that brings the crowd to its feet.  With her keyboard wizardry, Mary expands the ions’ tonal pallet to help create their unique sound.


Tom Cervenka, bass, vocals


Tom started playing piano and saxophone at a young age until he had to learn a different instrument so he could be in Liquid Courage with the Steves, so he picked up the bass, which is easier to play than guitar but harder than drums. 

Tom’s playing is influenced by giants like John Entwistle, Paul McCartney, Chris Squire, and Flea