the ions

Our history

the ions performing at the Wire in Berwyn


 the ions formed in 2013 when local artist and music teacher, Liz Berg, called Tom, her former bass player, and mentioned that her student, Mike, and his long time friend, Kevin, were looking for a singer for their band. Tom knew Steve well because they formed a band called Liquid Courage in high school (after the sport of street fighting got a bit lethal) and have been friends for a very long time. So, Tom put Mike in touch with Steve, and he began to sing with Kevin, Mike, another guitarist, Chris, Mike’s son, bass player, Mark, and saxophonist extraordinaire Al O’Keefe, in what was then called “Attention Deficit.” Shortly thereafter, Mark, Chris and Al left to pursue other opportunities. Steve then switched to guitar, Tom joined, and the band formerly changed its name to "the ions." Later that year (again through a contact with Liz Berg), Mary joined and made her first appearance with the band in December.